Mess Books is an Australian publisher and creative practice with an interest in contemporary art, photography, design, architecture and society.

Based on a belief in the possibilities offered through exchange between practitioners, artists, thinkers, writers, designers and everyone else, Mess Books seeks to produce publications that contribute to both public discourse and everyday conversations.

Mess Books is founded by writer and editor Emma Pegrum and art director and designer Bec Stawell Wilson. Working with specialist paper suppliers and printers in Australia and internationally, we covet the artisanal production of high quality books while also valuing innovative approaches to book-making and digital integrations that work to retain print matter as sources of open access information.

Mess Books also has a creative studio practice that is closely connected to its work as a publisher. Through this, Mess collaborates with brands and organisations seeking to communicate their work on paper. We offer full-service expertise including concept and creative development, art direction, design, editing and copywriting, as well as overarching project and print production management, and accompanying digital components.